Unlocking the Fun: Gaming on iPhone with Steam

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Install Steam on your PC, set up the game, and enjoy gaming on your iPhone using Steam Link. Keep in mind that your computer must be running Steam during your iPhone gaming session, as the game is processed on your computer and streamed to your device. If this doesn’t suit you, consider refunding the purchased game.

Activate Remote Play in Steam

To remotely play your preferred computer games on your phone through the Steam Link app, it’s essential to activate the Remote Play toggle in Steam. This enables seamless wireless communication between your computer and phone over the internet.

1. Open Windows Search by pressing the Windows + S keys, then search for Steam. Once the search results display Steam, click Open.
2. Navigate to the top-left corner and select Steam. When the context menu appears, choose Settings.
3. Within the Settings dialog, locate and click on the Remote Play option.
4. Check the box labeled Enable Remote Play. Afterward, click OK to save your changes.


How to Use the Steam Link Application

After downloading and installing the Steam Link app from the App Store, launch the app and initiate Steam on your PC. Next, tap the “Get Started” button on your phone.
You have the option to pair a controller or skip this step on the subsequent screen. Following that, the app will search for your computer, even if it’s on a different network than your phone.
Select your computer, and the app will generate a PIN code. Input this code in the Steam window on your PC. Once the devices are successfully connected, the Steam Link app will commence testing your network.
Make a note of the four-digit code displayed on the screen, then open Steam on your computer. Click on the Steam option at the top-left corner of your computer running Steam, and from the appearing context menu, choose “Settings.” Within the Settings dialog, select the “Remote Play” option. Now, click on “Pair Steam Link,” enter the earlier noted four-digit code into the text box, and click OK. With Steam Link successfully linked to your computer, tap on “Start Playing.”


What is Steam Link?
Steam Link is a mobile application that allows you to stream games from your Steam library on your PC to your Android or iOS device. The app connects your mobile device and computer through the same network, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Do i need high-speed internet for this?
For the best streaming quality, a stable and high-speed internet connection is recommended. It’s also advisable to connect your PC directly to the router via an Ethernet cable for enhanced performance.

What games are compatible with Steam Link?
Most Steam games are compatible with Steam Link, but performance may vary depending on your device and network conditions. Always check individual game requirements for optimal play.

Is Steam Link free?
Yes, Steam Link is a free application. You can download it from Google Play Store for Android devices or from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Go on gaming!

While mobile games have their merits, they fall short in comparison to the rich storylines and expansive scope offered by high-budget PC gaming. This is precisely why the notion of playing PC games on a smartphone or tablet is an enticing prospect.

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