Surprise Leak: Apple’s First Foldable – Not an iPhone!

Apple foldable phone

Apple’s Long-Term Commitment to Foldables
Citing sources from the Taiwanese supply chain, DigiTimes reports that Apple has been actively developing its first foldable product for over five years.

A Shift from iPhones: Towards a Larger Foldable Device

Contrary to expectations of a foldable iPhone, the report indicates that Apple’s debut in the foldable market will be a “larger device,” resembling a tablet or notebook. Design efforts are now converging for mass production.

Apple’s Foldable Timeline: Not Before 2025

The article clarifies that Apple has not halted its foldable endeavors. Multiple departments are reportedly working on various foldable product lines, and the first foldable device is not anticipated to launch until 2025 at the earliest.

A July 2023 report suggests Apple’s efforts in developing a foldable Mac laptop, set for a preview in 2025 and sales in 2026. The foldable Mac could create a new product category, serving as a dual-use device with a full-size on-screen keyboard when folded and a monitor when unfolded, possibly offering 4K resolutions or higher.

Focus on Apple Vision Pro and Engineering Reorganization

With the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, Cupertino is said to be reorganizing its engineering teams to prioritize the future foldable device. Stringent standards for hinge and display quality are key factors before any potential announcement.


The Speculation on a 20-Inch Foldable Device

Rumors suggest Apple’s exploration of a 20-inch foldable device, potentially a MacBook, iPad, or hybrid product. Display analyst Ross Young has previously hinted at the possibility of a dual-use product, acting as a notebook with a full-size keyboard and doubling as a standalone monitor.

Challenges in Display Quality

The report notes that Apple has examined devices from various manufacturers, but some projects were suspended due to the failure to meet Apple’s display quality standards. The pursuit of the foldable iPhone continues, but display quality remains a critical challenge.

Hinges and Panels: Key Factors in Foldable Development

The article highlights hinges and panels as crucial elements in foldable device development, with advancements seen in hinge technology by competitors like Samsung and Huawei. Panels now pose the primary obstacle for Apple in perfecting its foldable tech.

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